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Поделись своей визитной карточкой

Easily share your virtual card with anyone using a QR code, email, text, and more. Anyone can retrieve a hubcard, even if they don’t have the app or a account. Claim Address

Заявите о своей персональной ссылке на

Each of your digital business card has a unique web address. Just choose your favorite, for example This will give your digital business card a very professional look when sharing online. Contact

Поделись с помощью своего QR-кода

Easily share your digital business card with anyone using your unique QR Code. You can share it via the app or print it on a paper card, flyer, or a billboard and—when scanned—it will always link to your digital business card. Contact Groups

Отправь по СМС или электронной почте свою цифровую визитную карточку

You can send your digital business card directly from the app via SMS or email. Enter either an email or phone number, or select someone from your phone's address book or your favorite social media platform, and send your digital business card with one tap! ios widget

Быстро делиться с домашнего экрана

Share your cards even faster from your homescreen. It’s simple to set up, and with the widget your cards are only a swipe away. Apple watch app

Приложение для Apple Watch

It's especially easy to share your new business card via the Apple Watch app. With just one tap, you can access your personal QR code and share your contact in seconds. So you'll never again have the problem of not having your business cards with you.

Пример карты

Click on the card example to see how a digital hub.card looks like! Using your smartphone, you can see how fast you can open any card by scanning the QR-code.

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Start now by downloading for your devices. We recommend to use the mobile apps for sharing and managing your contacts. Designing works best on the desktop apps for Mac or Windows. If you want to start right away you can use in your browser, too.