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When you exchange digital business cards with other users, your new intelligent address book ensures that you always have the latest information about your contacts at hand. Contact Manager

Free contact manager

hub.card’s self-updating address book is your free personal and professional CRM. Easily keep track of your contacts with a chronological timeline of who you met and when—the visual representation of business cards helps you to remember the contact more easily. Georgina Doe Digital Business Card


Your new smart address book stores not only self-updating digital business cards from, but also digitized physical business cards and traditional contacts - all in one place. That way, you always have all your important contacts with you, on any device. Contact Groups

Group your contacts in categories

You can add and customize your own categories, so you can easily organize your contacts based on where they fit in your life. Address Book Views

Customize your address book

View your contacts as a list with details or grid of cards, and organize them chronologically or alphabetically into groups. Like that you will always find for what you are looking for. Address Book Search

Powerful search

Too many contacts to find someone quickly? Search for names, job or comany and find contacts in seconds.


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